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Complicated intubations has been a challenge for many years. For over five years we have experienced that traffic accidents, wars, extreme adipositas, patients born with jaw defects, violence and neonatal intubation are some of them.

The company MEQnordic A/S, which was founded in 1990 now have videolaryngoscopy as one of the big productlines in the company.

During all the yesrs working with videolaryngoscopy we have always emphasized, that we want to work with High-End products – State-Of-The-Art – Products.

Our manufacturer, Verathon Medical, USA, was founded in 1984. The company phisosophy is and will always be that every investigation on a patient shall be with no damages and the absolute minimum of discomfort as possible.

The classic products available have three basic challenges: Limited view, limited use and large risk of unnessesary damages of the patients.

Because of that the company decided to develop a system – now patented – consisting of an intubation blade with an angel of 60 degrees with a camera and a powerful LED lightsource. At the same time the company avoided the classic way of looking directly down in the working area and began using a videomonitor. These units, combined with a heating device to keep the view perfect and clear, opened new doors so now it is possible to intubate patients with jaw deformities or extremely severe damages and very small mouth openings. Typical challenges where the classic laryngoscopes were of no use.

The videomonitor solution allows also the possibility of recording an intubation and to connect a flatscreen so the system is very attractive when we are talking about teaching and education.

The possibility of recording a complicated intubation is good for two reasons: The educational part and as documentation in connection to procedure failure or accidents.

Damaged teeth were until now a “necessary evil”, because the classic products had limitations so much force was needed in connection to the correct placing of the tube.

With the unique 60 degrees “Angling” of the blade and the extremely small equipment the user will now use under half of the power wich was used before.

By that you avoid damaging the teeths and pressure damages which is also unpleasant for the patint.

Ranger – a little videolaryngoscopy unit – is originally developed for use in helicopters, airplanes, ambulances and military use. The unit is consisting of a GlideScope blade connected to a little batterydriven monitor, which can be placed on or by the side of the patient which is of great importance where the space is limited.

With a GlideScope it is now possible to intubate a person in the wreck of a car – even if you can not lift the head which was a must with classic laryngoscopes. Even in connection to severe jaw traumas it is now possible to make a successful intubation, which is the difference of life and death.

It is a pleasure to present our manufacturers homepage, where all products, servicemanuals, scientific articles and data from the manufacturer: http://verathon.com

We have our own serviceorganisation in MEQnordic A/S and our own technicians in our headquarter in Jyllinge. Here we can repair, test, calibrate and make service on most of our products.

In difficult cases, for exampel severe damages caused by drop or like, we send the product to Verathon Medicals European Head Quarter, where the technical department will handle the case and return the product to us.

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