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Neurophysiology has since MEQnordics founding in 1990 been one of the main product lines of the company. Today MEQnordic is Nordic suppliers of some of the world's leading products in the field.

We have always emphasized the importance of being able to deliver EEG / EMG / TMS systems that can meet all possible needs and customer groups. In order to achieve this, we've chosen to work with two suppliers.

Each of these vendors are unique in their own territory and common for both of them is, that they develop and produce their products themselves, both hardware and software.

g.tec medical engineering GmbH - World leader BCI and research.

G.tec is located in Austria and was founded in 1999.

g.tec is the world leader in BCI (Brain Computer Interface), the products are unique and designed to use all BCI approaches (motor imagery, P300, SSVEP, slow cortical potentials ect.)

g.tec amplifiers and software is very flexible and has extremely good electrical specifications. As a result of that g.tec systems are not only world leading BCI equipment but also commonly used in traditional EEG/EMG/EP research projects.

The following is characterized by g.tec's products: Extremely good electrical characteristics of all amplifiers, Up to 256 channels, active electrodes, Matlab interface (API), Simulink interface with g.tec module library C++ API.

NIRx - Versatile fNIRS Solutions and Dedicated Scientific Support

NIRx is a pioneer in functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). Operating for over 25 years, NIRx has a complete range of products, from high density stationary systems, to portable wireless systems. NIRx fNIRS systems offer:

  • Whole-head: lab-based and portable/mobile fNIRS systems
  • ​Multi-modal compatibly: EEG, fMRI, TMS, eye-tracking, MEG, etc.
  • ​High-quality data: even on subjects with thick dark hair, by using superior light source technology
  • Neurofeedback/BCI: export and analyze raw, unfiltered data for real-time subject feedback
  • Dependability: NIRx end-users receive lifetime technical support from our global team of experienced fNIRS researchers and engineers, and exclusive access to our extensive online support center and technical webinars


EBneuro / ATES – neurophysiology Clinical/Research.

EBNeuro has roots back to 1974 as a producer to the first amplifiers for recording Cortical Evoked Potentials. Today, they still produce and develop their own hardware and software in the following product area: EEG clinical / research, EEG sleep, EMG, EP, TMS

It is a pleasure to present the web sites of g.tec and EBN:


For product information or demonstration arrangement, please e-mail your local contact person sales@meqnordic.com.

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