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​Ever since the founding of MEQnordic the service department has been a foundation for education, installation, fault-finding and repair of our products.

The service engineers at MEQ cover the whole of Scandinavia. We can also offer training for medtechs, doctors and nurses in both the technical disciplines as well as daily use.

At MEQnordic we know that without good service, the base for a long term business relation will not be possible. This is the reason we spend a lot of resources on educating our service engineers and constantly keeping us up to date.

Everyone working in the service department is trained in the electronic “world”. We take great care to ensure that all new employees in our service department are well trained in the human anatomy and physiology which refers to our products. We find it very important that the service employees have a deep understanding of not only the technical side of the equipment, but also how it is used.

To be able to provide the best possible service demands understanding and a common language between our engineer and the nurse/doctor. It is important to us that the engineer is capable to guide the nurse/doctor through the investigation/operation.

Through the complete process from offer to installation, we work closely together

with our product specialists to ensure that the customer always gets the best possible guidance, both with the purchase of the equipment and preventive maintenance

later on.

We attach great importance to our personal contact and close relation with our customers. We are therefore always ready to help with either our free telephone support or at acute service call service.

Thus, we can offer a wide variety of service contracts which are adjusted to fit the needs of service and preventive maintenance for the individual hospital.

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