NIRx - Versatile fNIRS Solutions and Dedicated Scientific Support

NIRx is a pioneer in functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). Operating for over 25 years, NIRx has a complete range of products, from high density stationary systems, to portable wireless systems. NIRx fNIRS systems offer:

Whole-head: lab-based and portable/mobile fNIRS systems

Multi-modal compatibly: EEG, fMRI, TMS, eye-tracking, MEG, etc.

High-quality data: even on subjects with thick dark hair, by using superior light source technology

Neurofeedback/BCI: export and analyze raw, unfiltered data for real-time subject feedback

Dependability: NIRx end-users receive lifetime technical support from our global team of experienced fNIRS researchers and engineers, and exclusive access to our extensive online support center and technical webinars.

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MEQnordic A/S​

MEQnordic's departments are locally located in each of the Nordic countries. 

From MEQnordic´s founding in 1990 we have focused on having the best products and service.  - Read more

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MEQNordic A/S 

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