PC based, wireless flowmeter designed for quick, easy and convenient uroflowmetry.​

FLOWMASTER is a computer based wireless flowmeter designed for practical, everyday flow studies.

Using Bluetooth® technology, FLOWMASTER has a wireless connection between the battery operated flow transducer and PC/laptop, eliminating all cables and power plugs. The flow transducer can be placed in another room or bathroom for optimal patient privacy.

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Easy automatic flowmeter with printer

Flowstar begins recording automatically as soon as the patient starts voiding. Flow/volume scales can be adjusted, and the pre-flow and post-flow times are user selectable.

The integrated printer enables Siroky flow plots to diagnose obstructed voiding.

The lightweight thermal printer unit of the Flowstar is connected by cable and can be up to 10 meters (32ft) away from the uroflow sensor.

The digital weight sensor can be mounted on a height adjustable uroflow stand, and/or placed under a micturition chair.

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